Filter Sand

Our Filter Media Sand is in compliance with  AWWA standard and is helpful for many applications like swimming pool filtration, water treatment stations, and wastewater filtration. our filter media sand particles has a rounded shape and higher particulate holding capacity. Our sand is processed using a high-end technologies and is widely acclaimed.  So, get in touch with us now if you are looking for a dependable filter media sand supplier in Egypt, Contact us Now.


Buy Best Filter Media Sand For Your Pool

No matter what kind of sand filter media you use, the media needs to be changed from time to time as the filter eliminates the pollutants from pool water, and as we are the king of sand filter media exporters, we can provide you with the best filter media sand.

What makes our sand filter unique?

Our Filter media sand is composed of quartz silica sand, of different sizes. It filters the elements down to 20 microns making the pool water quite clear.  We guarantee to bid you the best quality sand filter in specific dimensions and sizes, which act as a “barrier” to problematic elements in your pool water. These sand are the best option for your pool’s sand filters.

As the best filter media sand exporter, we ensure quality and cost-effective products with a longer lifespan of 3-7 years, depending on how much you use your pool, with an average of around five years. Filter media sand can fasten any significant pollutants sufficient to be stuck on the media’s edges.

Filter Silica Sand Media uses

The stringent requirements for filtration of water, wastewater, and other applications. Sand Tech Filter Sand Filtration Media is commonly helpful in aquariums, pools, municipal, industrial, residential filtration, and oil and gas well fracturing. Moreover, we meet particle size and specification through the proper process as Sand Filtration media has been washed, dried, and screened.

Moreover, our Filter Media Sand complies with  AWWA standards and supports many applications like reeling pool filtration, water handling stations, and wastewater filtration. Our filter media sand elements have a round shape and higher particulate matter holding capacity. Our sand is processed using high-end technologies and is widely praised in different applications.

So, contact us now if you are searching for a dependable filter media sand dealer in Egypt. Contact us Now!

Best filter media sand exporters protect your water quality. Sand is the most common filter material, It is effective at eliminating pollutants in stormwater, such as putting off solids and phosphorus.