We are  a trustworthy crushed limestone supplier in Egypt, our limestone contains 99.0% of CaCo3 as a minimum and a small percentage of iron, magnesium, and aluminum with the whiteness of 95%. Also, we are specialized in export different sizes of crushed limestone, Get in touch with us if you are looking for a  trusted Limestone  Exporter from  Egypt. Contact us now.


Get the best 100% Pure Crushed Limestone at Sand Tech

Are you looking for natural and pure Crushed limestone? Then Sand tech is the ideal platform for you. We are supplying nutrient-rich limestone, lawn flower, boost plant and vegetable growth. As a best crushed limestone exporter Egypt, we ensure that our product neutralizes lawn acidity or alkalinity and normalizes the soil’s pH level. So, you can make your garden or want to improve the look of your lawn, and then crushed limestone is an ideal option.

Benefits of Crushed Limestone

As the best crushed limestone exporter Egypt, we offer the best competitive prices for our customers and offer users a host of benefits. You’ll relish:

  • Versatility – our crushed limestone is the perfect solution for numerous different problems. Our product is highly versatile because of its unique combination and is beneficial for several projects.
  • Availability – Whenever you need the use of crushed limestone for one of your ventures, you’ll be able to rapidly access the essential resources so that you can get started right away.
  • Affordability – The sufficient supply of limestone in our area means that it will be less luxurious than other landscaping materials.
  • Attractiveness – The delicate, natural pattern of limestone is very appealing to the eye. Loose-fill exteriors like paths, driveways, and patios of crushed limestone will look elegant and raise your stuff value.
  • Durability – Limestone is very durable, challenging, and capable of enduring the elements. Because it’s so long-lasting, you can total on the materials to function as future with negligible maintenance or repairs.

Limestone Uses

  • It is a valuable building material.
  • It is an essential component of OPC cement.
  • You can utilize crushed limestone as the aggregate material for making an attractive, tough concrete product.
  • It is the main component of road construction.
  • It acts as a filler in paint.
  • Limestone works well as rip rap stone and efficiently prevents shore erosion.
  • It is helpful as a white pigment in toothpaste.
  • It is a vital part of smelting iron ore.

So, If you are looking for best crushed limestone exporter Egypt, who supplies high results, don’t hesitate to contact us.