Sand Tech is  renowned quartz lumps supplier in Egypt. Our offered Quartz is widely used in the glass industry , refractory industry, kitchen countertops, and ceramic industry. Due to its unique physical and chemical properties, Quartz is considered one of the most widely used natural materials.  Its electrical properties and heat resistance make it valuable in electronic products. Our highly qualified and experienced Staff process these minerals as per the defined industry standards. We are a reliable Quartz Lumps Exporter from Egypt widely acknowledged by the customers. Offered at market leading prices, these are stringently checked by our quality analysts to make sure that flawless range is supplied to the customers, makes us as remarkable suppliers of Quartz Lumps from Egypt. Further, owing to our wide distribution network, we are able to supply our range within the scheduled time to the customers.


Top Global Quartz Lumps Suppliers- Sand Tech

Explore natural stone from Sand Tech, providing you durable, original, and reasonable Quartz compromising quality. We have a wide variety of quartz lumps options. As a best quartz exporter Egypt, our products are valuable for many applications as they have unique physical and chemical properties. Our highly competent and qualified Staff process these minerals as per the meet industrial standards.

Properties of our Quartz

We best quartz exporter Egypt ensure unique, significant quartz properties, making it one of the most useful naturally occurring minerals.

  • Some Quartz lumps have piezoelectric characteristics, which can make electric potential when exposed to mechanical pressure.
  • Quartz is one of the toughest naturally happening minerals and hence can not be eroded easily.
  • It can withstand high temperatures condition due to very high melting points.
  • It is chemically firm and does not respond with other chemicals and materials.
  • Our Quartz crystals are visually striking and can be present in different colors. Though naturally crystal clear, due to the presence of impurities, they are present in various colors.

So, best quartz exporter Egypt quartz abundance, high thermal, crystalline nature, and chemical properties, Quartz is applicable in many large-scale applications.

Uses of Quartz

There are several applications of our Quartz, such as:

  • It is beneficial to make oscillators for watches, radios, clocks, televisions, electronic meters, computers, cell phones, electronic games, and GPS equipment.
  • A wide variety of uses are applicable for optical-grade quartz crystals.
  • The varieties of Quartz commonly used as jewelry and gemstones include Amethyst, Aventurine, Citrine, Ametrine, Rose Quartz, and Opal.
  • Glassmaking in the vital use of Quartz and a sit possesses higher hardness and resistance to corrosion.
  • Many manufacturers use them at kitchen countertops, refractory industry, and ceramic industry.
  • The ceramic industry uses quartz sand for making ceramic tiles.

So, experience the profundity, beauty, and details of Quartz with the sturdiness at Sand Tech.