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High-Quality Egypt Sand Silica Sand For Glass Making

Are you searching for best silica sand for glass making in Egypt? Then you are at the right place. Sand Tech is here with the best offer for you, providing you highest industrial sand. As a leading best silica sand manufacturer in Egypt, we provide our customers high-purity sand composed of two main elements – silica and oxygen. One of the most common applications of silica sand is the manufacture of glass. Due to its high level of silica and oxygen, it is beneficial for numerous unique ranges of applications.

Silica sand supplier ensures that our product is suitable for glass production and takes all the mergers. We guarantee that the silica must be 95% chemically pure and be the right size and color.

Choose us! We will meet all the high-level requirements that are suitable for the glass industry. That includes a river, lake, fossil beach, and wind deposits. Also, removal needs high levels of skill and capability on behalf of the supplier.

How is glass made?

Best silica sand for glass making in Egypt High-quality silica sand makes up about three-quarters of the raw materials used in the glassmaking procedure. The additional quarter is composed of limestone, soda, and expounding agents, along with a ratio of recycled glass. The following is the procedure for making flat glass, which is commonly beneficial with silica sand.

  • Batched – The main elements, including the limestone, silica sand, soda, and recycled glass, are weighed and arranged into batches.
  • Melted – The batched raw resources enter a furnace that reaches up to 1600°C and becomes liquefied.
  • Floated – The melted glass is then ‘floated’ on a steam bath of molten tin and strained through rolling machinery where it becomes compressed.
  • Cooled – The molten glass greeneries the bath of molten tin, and it cools at 600°C. It passes over rollers and can be cut and worked predictably.


Best silica sand manufacturers in Egypt’s Silica Sand are high in demand. The highest purity of the sand directly impacts the strength, transparency, and durability of the glass. For example, only industrial glass goods with high-quality silica sand can meet the best vision necessities for vehicle windshields. So, silica sand supplier’s building glass made using high-quality silica sand can meet the light or thermal transmission specifications without negotiating durability and safety. Some of the expected benefits of choosing us are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Higher-strength and transparency