Washed Silica Sand

Sand Tech Co. is well-known as a washed Silica Sand Exporter in Egypt. Our Washed Silica Sand maintains strict quality procedures to meet the performance of the high-quality glass products and enable production efficiencies and cost-saving that boost your bottom line and meet your manufacturing requirement. our washed silica sand is processed from superior-quality sand that ensures high SiO2 content and minimal impurities. So, get in touch with us as we are a reliable Washed Silica Sand Supplier.

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Find The Finest Washed Silica Sand At The Best Rates!

At Sand Tech, you can get the best price for Washed silica sand of high quality. We provide our customers with the best service and unique products with authentic quality that you can use for multiple applications. Washed silica sand is available in various grades such as pharma grade,  and more. As a leading irrigated silica sand exporter, we assure you of the purity levels in a stunning range of varieties.

Natural Silica sand specification

  • High content of SiO2 from 98% to 99.6%
  • Low Fe2O3 content from 0.01- 0.05%%
  • Color: White
  • low content of alkali, or traces

Our washed silica sand is white natural silica, suitable for glass industries. Our products are significantly higher in quality and meet our client’s expectations.

Benefits of washed silica

As Sand Tech is an exporter of washed silica sand, you can find top-quality silica sand for your hydraulic fracturing needs. Our silica sand encounters all the necessities for the hydraulic fracturing industry’s conditions. Also, because of the development of hydraulic fracturing, silica sand is in high demand. Some of the benefits of using our silica sand are:

  • High-quality,  and well-rounded  grains
  • High  sphericity
  • High compressive strength
  • low turbidity
  • Help keep fractures open to extract oil and gas

Silica Sand Uses

Some significant uses of silica sand are following

  • Manufacturers use it in the manufacturing of glass.
  • It is beneficial for water purification.
  • It uses as an essential in extracting Gas and oil
  •  It is essential in metal casting
  • Manufacturing of enamel paints.
  • It is helpful as sandblasting.
  • Manufacturing of ceramic tiles
  • It applies to concrete and mortar mixing.
  • It operates in golf landscaping.
  • It is used on the Horse track

Why choose us?

Our Washed Silica Sand comes in high quality as we maintain strict quality procedures to meet the performance. Also, our sand meets the high-quality glass products and enables production competencies and cost-saving that boost your lowest line and meet your industrial requirement.

Find the complete range of washed silica sand and choose this natural product in a variant that is appropriate for your need.